30 challenges for 30 days is an opportunity for everyone and anyone who wants to make a conscious decision to make small changes in their life now with the hope of creating big changes for the future.

You can watch this video if you want to learn more about the challenge and why I’m doing it.

I know you all have been dying to see my list of challenges… the anticipation is probably killing you… even in this moment…

Here they are!

  1. Write a I Like This About You note/text/email each day for someone
  2. Talk to one stranger each day
  3. Take one picture each day
  4. Re-evaluate one long-held belief each day
  5. Research and apply for jobs
  6. Take a 30 min walk each day
  7. Practice self compassion and self love
  8. Try a new recipe each day
  9. Write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days
  10. Read a chapter each day
  11. Study a topic you’d like to master each day
  12. Read an article on an important issue each day
  13. Pick one bad habit you already have and ditch it for 30 days
  14. Inspire yourself each day
  15. Get fit for 30 days!
  16. Think of an accomplishment you’d like to achieve for each year of the next 30 years, a year each day
  17. Practice a random skill everyday
  18. Wake up early each day
  19. Don’t lie for 30 days
  20. Do something that scares you every day
  21. Don’t complain for an entire day
  22. Meditate each day
  23. Practice one completely selfless act each day
  24. Keep an audio journal
  25. Learn a new word each day
  26. Create a bucket list— at least one each day
  27. Use words that encourage happiness
  28. Write down a positive thought a day
  29. Learn an instrument #piano
  30. Be present and don’t mentally live in the future or past

Join me in the month of May by choosing some of your own challenges and to be the best person you can be!

You can check back occasionally to see how my month has been going. I’ll be posting videos, blogs, etc etc, honestly who knows what this month will bring.


Here are the websites I picked my 30 from if you want to pick and choose some different challenges:





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